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Mantler Gluten-Free Flour

gluten-free, lactose-free

Our all-rounder! The Mantler Gluten-free Universal Mix is ideal for cooking and baking. Bread, pastries, cakes, but also pasta, dumplings and more are easy to make with the gluten-free universal flour. A must-have in every gluten-free kitchen.

Conventional flour measures from recipes can simply be adopted (ratio 1:1) with our lactose- and gluten-free flour.

Watch out: There might be a slightly increased water absorption.


Corn starch
Soya flour
Emulsifiers: lecithin (soy)
Thickening agent: guar flour

Nutrition facts per 100g:

  • Energy value 1,495 kJ/350 kcal
  • Fat 5.9 g
    of which saturates 0.4 g
  • Carbohydrates 71 g
    of which sugars <0.5 g
  • Protein 4.6 g
  • Salt <0.01 g

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in paper recycling bins!

Recipes with Gluten-Free Flour